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Urban Farming Events

Eco-Farm Conference- 2022

Pacific Grove, CA

This conference is the largest one in North America that we are aware of. The conference has a small farms focus addressing both ecology and social justice.

Eden streets will be hosting a mixer event during the conference on January 20th that you are invited to attend. This gathering is a chance to meet others dedicated to addressing social issues through urban farming. Drinks, inspiration, and activities provided.

At the event you will be able to:

  • Meet farmers who are mission driven 

  • Put your farm on a map

  • Celebrate 3 outstanding farmers

  • Free food

  • Free swag  

Come and celebrate the amazing work you and others are doing. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Face-to-Face Conference

Jan 19-22, 2022

Event canceled

Due to COVID 
More events coming soon!

Conference Criteria

Eden Streets promotes urban farmers coming together. Networking with experienced farmers who may have solved the challenge you are facing may save you years of frustration and propel you forward in your farming journey.  Most powerfully, these exchanges can happen on an operating farm as urban farmers meet, share, and work together.  Conferences and web meetings can also be a great way to connect with others.

Eden Streets is an international organization with an initial focus on North America. We appreciate that your travel time and funds are limited. Therefore, we recommend only those events which will be most helpful to you as small farmers in urban or suburban settings who are working with people who are sidelined in the community.  We will gladly post events that meet the following criteria:

  • The organization hosting has a regional or national scope or reach.

  • The theme of the conference centers around the needs of small farmers.

  • The conference has at least a component of social mission or social justice.

  • The organization hosting the conference is aligned with Eden Streets’ values.

  • The conference supports natural farming and regenerative agricultural principles.

We look for events that share credible farming know-how. The conferences also provide breakout spaces for us to connect in a meal or social hour engagement. If you know of conferences to recommend for our community, please send me, Farmer Karl, We look forward to meeting you soon, whether online, at your farm, or at an in-person gathering.

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