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What We Do

Eden Streets is a world-wide organization that relaunches lives and cultivates community through farming. Eden Streets returns disconnected individuals back to the workforce, their families, and their communities. 


As an Association of Farmers with Social Missions, Eden Streets:

  • Defines a new profession and career path for farmers (i.e., farmers with social missions)

  • Develops the body of knowledge needed to establish and run farms with social missions by gathering, documenting, and sharing best practices

  • Educates its members through handbooks, apprenticeships, conferences, webinars, and newsletters


As an Initiator of Farms, Eden Streets:

  • Creates farms with social missions, including their nonprofit-supporting organization

  • Facilitates contracts for land leases from governments

  • Finds and foster community partnerships


We envision farms

everywhere that cultivate

vibrant, connected communities.

Our Vision


Above:    A farm initiated by Eden Streets in Odgen, UT (Grow Ogden)

Below:    A farm tour with members at Urban Prairie Agriculture

Grow Ogden is our first pilot farm to transitionally employ those facing homelessness. To prepare to hire trainees in 2024, we’ve cleared the land; built grow boxes, a compost bin, and a yoga circle; and established raised beds. We also donated crops to the Catholic Community Services’ food pantry!

 So far, 65 volunteers gave 367 hours! On Oct 21st, community & government leaders, volunteers, and donors attended our fall farm festival. Eden Streets has received letters of support from Utah Senator Ann Millner, Commissioner Scott Jenkins, Weber Reentry Coalition, and Ogden Food Council.

Watch this video to learn about
Grow Ogden!

Our Story

“Grow-Life”, Eden Streets first chapter, was started as a pilot in 2018 in partnership with Northern Children’s Services, a Philadelphia institution focused on promoting the healthy development of children. “Farmer Karl” saw first-hand how foster children experienced the benefits of interacting with nature in the garden in this after-school program. He worked with Dr. William King, Gweny Love, and Nary Rennie to engage the citizens of Manayunk, PA to perpetuate this program. 

After being inspired by Josh Slotnick’s TedTalk(R), “Community Farming: It’s Not About the Food”, Farmer Karl decided to enroll at the University of Montana’s Environmental Studies graduate program in Sustainable Food and Farming to learn how to make the benefits of farming with a social mission available in any community. ​

Eden Streets leadership team makes farms with social missions a practical possibility in many communities around the world.

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