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Help Give Trainees
A New Start!

Eden Streets provides job training in a farm setting, transitionally employing those facing homelessness. Help support individuals who are ready for a fresh start by contributing to the Grow Ogden program. Eden Streets aims to raise $45,000 by June 21st to fund our summer-fall farm session!

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Your sponsorship empowers individuals striving for a new beginning. "I can’t believe this is here!" Rachael, a farm trainee at "Grow Ogden" shared. "This is the opportunity I’ve been looking for!"

Please donate & share campaign with 3 friends!

Grow Ogden employs individuals facing homelessness to work at the farm as their next step to securing stable employment and housing. The farm job program includes working with a small team 5 days a week, 2 hours a day for 16 weeks growing seedlings, tending plants, eating farm produce, building relationships, and learning job- and life-skills.

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To avoid paying transfer fees, you may write a check to:

Eden Streets

c/o Karl Ebeling

4116 Madison Ave Apt A

Ogden, UT  84403

Please include your contact information so that we can send you a thank you.  You are able to deduct this from your taxable income as a charitable donation.

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