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Our Philosophy

Every individual
emanates light

Every individual has
immense value

Individuals transform through
engagement with nature

Growing and sharing food together cultivates joy and connection

Each day offers the potential for personal growth and renewal

Well-being stems from vibrant natural and social ecosystems

The Declaration of Common Ground

The Declaration of Common Ground proposes community-based farming as a practical solution to societal challenges. It underscores the interconnectedness between individuals, community, and the environment, promoting vitality, compassion, and solidarity. 

Through farming with a social mission, marginalized individuals can attain self-sufficiency while strengthening community bonds. Ultimately, it advocates for harnessing the Earth's resources collectively as a transformative force for positive change.

If you believe:

  • That lives can be relaunched through farming

  • That we have a responsibility for those who lack, struggle, or suffer alone

  • In nature’s power to heal, restore, inspire, fulfill, and enliven people

Read Our Declaration Below:

If you want to:

  • Return people to work and their community

  • Sustainably and effectively reduce homelessness

  • Co-create within ecosystems to bring forth more life 

Become a Member Today:

Core Values

Respect – 6.jpg

We respect others, our ecosystem, and ourselves. Respect cultivates trust and a safe space for program participants and our staff.

Respect – 3.jpg

We work cooperatively rather than competitively at all levels, building relationships and partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We communicate frequently and openly with community members, neighbors, partners, and each other.

Kindness – 1.jpg

Our work is grounded in compassion. We are sensitive, empathetic, and kind.

Respect – 5.jpg

We are responsible for our wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of people, plants, and all living things within the sphere of our influence.  Caring for the needs of others is healing.

Respect – 4.jpg

Each person is trusted to listen carefully and respond appropriately so that the work assigned and the overall goals and mission of our organization are achieved. We follow through with the commitments we make.

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