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Welcome to our Eden Streets Member Community! We use farming to relaunch the lives of those who are experiencing homelessness; Eden Streets provides a hand-up from poverty through offering employment in farms that we establish in areas of need.

We are growing a membership who believes in the power of farming to transform lives

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Our members use their skills and resources to help us:

  • Initiate new farms in areas of need

  • Fund farming apprenticeship programs

  • Support the homeless through strategic partnership

  • Staff new farms upon build completion

Membership Sign Up Form

Sign Up to be a Member of Eden Streets below.

Please choose the form that best describes your desired role in our membership. 


You will review Eden Streets membership funding requests and choose an option each month

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You will review list of needs from farms with social missions and sign up to help them accordingly.

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*For Eden Streets Farming Apprentices*

Throughout your farm training, you will strategically engage with our programs.

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