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Eden Streets

We empower communities to grow food, jobs, connections, and hope

through farming.

Eden Streets is a growing network of people who want to transform lives through farming. Our goal is to connect with farmers and community leaders, develop best practices, and promote farming with a social mission.

Member Benefits


  • Connect with other Eden Streets members.

  • Request one free, one-hour consultation.

  • Direct message other Eden Streets members according to your interest.


  • Join Eden Streets seminars, panel discussions, and conferences.

  • Get answers to your questions through mediated group discussion.

  • Review best available Know-How. Learn from farmer spotlights.

Public Awareness

  • Advertise your farm with a social mission via Eden Streets’ blog page.

  • ​Post employment opportunities on Eden Streets’ resources page.

  • Cross-promote your website and social media through Eden Streets’ network.

How to get started

1. Click on become a member

This will bring you to a new member form. Please fill it out completely so we can know how to best serve you

2. Find the welcome email

In this email get the link to join the slack channel and how to access your member benefits

3. Welcome aboard!

Enjoy the privileges of membership. Watch for a thank you gift in your mailbox.

Access essential resources

Access our library of articles that share best practices from thriving farms with social missions across the country.​

Get inspired

Learn about farms with a social mission that are changing lives and growing communities!

Support farming with a social mission

Enable farmers with social missions to associate with each other, build best practices, and share their knowledge.


“Success is all he (the farm director) cares about. Just like the plants, he wants to nurture the people just like they were plants which are a part of the farm. He’s amazing. He’s looking for their success.  He wants to nurture each person, just like his plants.”

- K

Proven Models


Partner with us to expand your social impact!

Find a farm with a social mission near you

Current total: 156

Please note that most of these farms are not affiliated with Eden Streets, but they are prime examples of what farming can do for communities.

Become a Sponsor

We look forward to partnering with local governments, corporations, and organizations to direct resources to farms with social missions.

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