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We empower communities to grow food, jobs, connections, and hope through farming.


Eden Streets' mission is to empower communities to grow food, jobs, connections, and hope through farming.

New Farms

Eden Streets relaunches lives through farming. Our goal is to initiate and establish new farms for vulnerable populations to have a new start.

How Does It Work?

Secure Land
Design & Build Farm
Employ Target Pop
Transfer Ownership

We have initiated Grow Ogden, a farm with a social mission to transitionally emply homeless populations in Ogden, UT.


To donate to Grow Ogden,

please click below:

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Job Training Program

Our Job Training Program transitionally employs those facing homelessness for 16-weeks to facilitate their reintroduction to the workforce, offer therapeutic programs for life skills, and coordinate long term housing and full time employment.

Our Farm Manager will determine what to plant, and will guide trainees in organic farming on the site.

Our Program Director will hire trainees, teach them life and job skills, and facilitate relationship building within their cohort.

Our Advocate will work individually with each trainee to overcome barriers to full-time employment and stable housing. 

Are you experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity?

Do you want to re-enter the workforce with social and professional confidence?


We invite you to apply for our 2024 Trainee Cohort!

Become A Sponsor

We are currently inviting sponsors to fund a(n):

Educational Farm Visits for Members

Sponsors will cover transportation to and from farms with social missions

Social Mission Farming Conference

During this 3-day national conference, we will build an active community of farmers with social missions

Farming Apprenticeship Program

This apprenticeship program will invite young aspiring farmers onto a pathway to farming with a social mission

Gold Sponsors


Silver Sponsors

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Bronze Sponsors

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Other Sponsors


Partner With Us

We look forward to partnering with local governments, corporations, and organizations to create farms with social missions.

If you participate in any of the industries below, we'd love to hear from you!

  • Land Access

  • Emergency Food Org

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • Reentry from Incarceration

  • Higher Education

  • Homeless Services

  • Community Development

  • Social Enterprise Funders

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Interested in Delivering a Webinar with Eden Streets?

Eden Streets is passionate about initiating farms with a social mission in areas of need. We consistently interact with stakeholders that play a key role in establishing farms and developing programs to accomplish social and environmental goals.

We are seeking skilled communicators who are passionate about using their skills and experience in furthering our mission of creating holistic farms.

Topics can range from:

  • Oneness with the earth

  • The importance of sharing meals

  • How to build resilient communities

  • Transitional Employment 101

  • Environmental Stewardship

  • And more!

What You Get:

  • $50 Honorarium

  • Free Package of ES Merch

  • Variety of Veggie Seeds

  • Discounts to Future ES Conferences

Complete the short

webinar proposal form below!

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Proven Models

Find a farm with a social mission near you!


“Success is all he (the farm director) cares about. Just like the plants, he wants to nurture the people just like they were plants which are a part of the farm. He’s amazing. He’s looking for their success.  He wants to nurture each person, just like his plants.”

- Kelly

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